Fluids handling, regulation and control

Fortek has been supplying products and services for the industry and for plants manufacturers for over thirty years. Our goal is to give the customer the opportunity to have a single interlocutor for technical and economic estimates, expert advice for product selection, technical assistance and repairs.

Butterfly valves

Knife gate valves

Double diaphragm pneumatic pumps

Lowara water pumps

Magnetic drive pumps

Dosapro Milton Roy dosing pumps


Our partner industries

We have always been active in the automotive sector, supporting many plants in Italy and in Europe. We have created a range of products and services specifically designed for this kind of customers.
We have been working for over thirty years in the field of the handling, interception and regulation of aggressive, abrasive and dangerous fluids, offering a wide range of products suitable for solving the most complex problems in the process industry.
We have designed a wide range of ad hoc solutions for the food industry, providing customers with specific innovative products for the food and beverage industry.
Thanks to our wide range of pneumatic and hydraulic products, we offer components and spare parts for most of the machine tools on the market.
We specialize in supplying spare parts and products to serve the mechanical manufacturing facilities for service fluids, pneumatics and hydraulics.
Thanks to our close collaboration with the automotive world, we have specialized in providing spare parts for painting systems, offering the leading brands on the market at extremely competitive prices.
We propose a wide range of products complying with the most stringent European regulations, for the management of extremely delicate and expensive fluids needing a very high degree of purity.
We serve every kind of power plant, small and large: thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants, gas and biogas power plants... We offer a wide range of products and service accurately designed for our power generation customers.
Water treatment is one of the most important sectors for our company. Over the years we have acquired a strong and solid experience in waste water handling, regulation and control, both for clean and dirty waters.


Fortek has been working for over thirty years as a distributor and representative in the field of fluids regulation and control in the process industry, selecting the best technologies for various applications and collaborating with brands like Asco-pompe, Cdr, Dosapro-MiltonRoy, Fpz, Gemü, Tecnova ht, Graco, Grec ...

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