Flat spray nozzles

The flat spray nozzles Delavan ensure uniform spraying and distribution at any pressure.

The  flat spray nozzles Delavan generate drops of different sizes (depending on the techniques adopted) and are generally used for spraying on moving surfaces or objects which have a transversal direction compared to the jet plane.

The flat spray nozzles Delavan are designed to ensure homogeneous coverage even in case of adjacent sprays. The jet impact, as concentrated on a limited surface, is upper-middle depending on the operating pressure.

Further more, it is possible to use different techniques in order to get different spray properties, which can easily adapt  to several applications and needs.

The flat spray nozzles Delavan, made with brass and stainless steel, are also available with different types of tips,  according to various spray angles and flow rates.



– Spray cooling
– Mineral wash
– Washing of metal parts
– Vegetables washing
– Dust control
– Scrubbers
– Degreasing and rinsing
– Paving
– Bottles washing
– Spray painting