FLYGT READY Submersible pumps

Flygt Ready 4 and 8

Weighing 26 and 32 lbs respectively, Flygt Ready 4 and 8 are designed for dewatering of construction sites, flood cleaning operations and similar applications. They can handle abrasive and corrosive liquids in the range of pH 5–8 and particle sizes up to 0.2 in.

Flygt Ready 8S

The Flygt  Ready 8S is a solids-handling pump designed for contaminated water and water containing sand, gravel and debris with particle sizes up to 1.5 in.


  • Solids handling (Ready 8s only)
  • Top, stator housing and outer casing in casted aluminum
  • Polyurethane impeller and diffuser
  • Flygt Spin-Out™ outer seal protection
  • Double mechanical seal
  • Auto-cut function to protect motor from overheating
  • Removable junction box cover  (Ready 4 and 8 only)
  • Easy to check and change oil with accessible oil plug
  • No special tools required – most work can be done with a 5 mm Allen key


FLYGT READY - Technical specifications