MINIBOX – Prefabricated lifting stations lifting stations for clean water

Minibox is a complete lifting station designed for removing domestic effluent excluding toilet waste where gravity drainage is not possible.



  • Suitable for delivering clean water to main sewer lines located at a higher level, or where gravity drainage is not possible.


  • The station is equipped with:

– DOC submersible pump, with flow rate up to 230 l/min and head up to 11 m. Passes suspended solids up to 10 mm diameter. Equipped with float switch for automatic operation.

– 85 litres high density polyethylene tank.

– 1 1/4” flexible pipe flexible pipe equipped with a check valve; left or right- hand connection.

– Power cord Power cord outlet.

– Three types of 40 mm diameter pipe inlets.

– Screens.

– Basin to be filled with sand or gravel to filter solid particles.

  • The Minibox station can be equipped with a DOC3 (0,25 kW rating) or a DOC7 (0,55 kW rating).
  • Installation is quick and easy: just connect the pipes and plug it in.
  • Minibox can be installed on the floor or buried in a suitable structure (to withstand vehicle or foot traffic).


  • An optional watertight lid (substituting the screens) can be installed for indoor use.