Mono – Epsilon

The Mono EPSILON pumps are equipped with the intermediate shaft “Flexishaft®”, able to connect the drive to the rotor part.

The Flexishaft®, with a ten year guarantee, is not provided with parts subject to wear such as teeth, gears, dead spots and therefore do not require maintenance and lubrication.

The Mono EPSILON pumps, suitable for applications involving vinyl and acrylic emulsions, detergents, food industry in general, oily water, crude oil, titanium dioxide, coating paper, starch, adhesives and glues, inks, offers protection unit against Marcia Dry MP-ETI and ATEX 94/9 / EC on request.



Horizontal Epsilon: m³/h up to 420

Vertical Epsilon: m³/h up to 225


Horizontal Epsilon: up to 72 bar

Vertical Epsilon: up to 9 bar


Horizontal Epsilon: -10 °C up to 100

Vertical Epsilon: -10 °C up to 100