STN – Plastic and fluoroplastic magnetic drive horizontal centrifugal pumps

The STN pumps are compact, plastic and fluoroplastic magnetic drive horizontal centrifugal pumps.

  • Materials:

PP-GF (Polypropylene-Glass filled)

CFR-ETFE (Carbon Fiber filled – Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene)

  • Close-coupled execution


  • Versatility: The STN offer a wide range of materials for the wetted parts:

PP-GF (Polypropylene-Glass filled)

CFR-ETFE (Carbon filled – Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) – *only casing

  • Reliability: Suitable for handling corrosive, aggressive and hazardous liquids (low viscosity, clean or slightly contaminated) in the chemical applications
  • Design: Made with a reliable quality as the ETN but designed for smaller applications or where the working condition are less critical


  • Performance 2900 rpm: Q max = 28 m3/h – H max = 25 mcl
  • Electric Motors: 0.75 kW (motor size 80) -> 4 kW (motor size 112)
  • Temperature Range:

PP-GF: 0°C -> +60°C

CFR-ETFE: -15°C -> +80°C

  • Allowable Pressure Range:

PP: from 6 bar (20°C) to 4 bar (60°C)

CFR-ETFE: from 6 bar (20°C) to 4 bar (80°C)

  • Threaded Connections:

STN 30 (G2” X G1”)
STN 40 (G2”¾ X G1”½)
*as option: Flanges ISO 1092 PN16RF or ANSI 150 RF

  • Viscosity: 1 cSt min – 100 cSt max
  • Allowable Solids:

Max concentration: 2% by weight
Max particle size: 0,10 mm